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DIY: Getting it Wrong the First Time

By Frank von Holzhausen on Wednesday April 9th, 2014


The release of our periodic category studies typically stir up some interesting suppositions and our most recent DIY study is no exception.

Data suggest that time – not income levels – may be the biggest deterrent for non-DIY’ers to take on home improvement tasks.

We haven’t established causation but I suspect it has much to do with the near universal characterization that they won’t get the job done right the first time, introducing frustration and adding time to a task rapidly changing to a chore.

With the availability of how-to video’s, how-to-seminars etc. it seems there are innumerable opportunities to become savvy enough to take on projects that sit – fixed – near the bottom of their “to do” list.

Perhaps for many the time investments will never be made.

While there are substantial efforts from manufacturers and retailers to guide and provide the right tools, what might address the underlying emotional aspects that might be preventing a jump into DIY? Is this segment forever out of reach, and if not, worth the investment to explore?


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