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Does Design Make a Difference?

By Frank von Holzhausen on Tuesday June 9th, 2015


We get asked that question frequently and I am pleased to say that several of our clients have shared sales data that proves that when executed in concert with end-user research, packaging design does make a difference.

So let me share some of those data points demonstrating the effect design can produce.

OSRAM SYLVANIA – reports an increase in sales of their premium SilverStar headlights within the (4) SKU automotive lighting line. This met their objectives by educating consumers on the value propositions for each of the products and achieved a measurable sales lift in their premium offerings in a category they have dominated for years.

ShelfEffectsml2  15% increase – same store sales                                OSRAM SYLVANIA case study


See these case studies for more:

ShelfEffectsml2Insight Pharmaceuticals Nix Lice Treatment
Double digit sales increase at Wal-Mart                                                   Nix case study

ShelfEffectsml2Amerifit Brands Culturelle Probiotic
40% sales increase                                                                            Culturelle case study

ShelfEffectsml2Wagner Spray Tech Painting Tools
50% sales increase                                                                                Wagner case study

Optimizing graphics and clarifying communications in a way that resonates with consumers can indeed impact the top line. In the stories above packaging was the only variable.  These outcomes were achieved through a deep understanding of the brands and engaging consumers as the designs evolved.

Can design make a difference? Yes, especially if derived from the underlying brand foundation and  consumers help to shape the outcome.



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