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Innovation in Space

By Frank von Holzhausen on Thursday October 16th, 2014


Modest or McMansion, trends in home design are increasingly focusing on space efficiency and multi-functionality with technology often underpinning advances in both.

Bathrooms of the future are rapidly becoming bathrooms of the present in terms of style and substance, including “smart” interfaces, spa-like experiences, health management, elements incorporated for children, special needs and much more.

The notion of “Social Kitchens” – however it might manifest itself in U.S. homes – adds an exploration layer to kitchen design to accommodate more people, more hands and more stuff during meal preparation. Added to already stressed space demands on counters and in cabinets this trend may drive some really interesting developments in the not-too-distant future.

As this evolution continues, it highlights the need for sensitive and skilled researchers to develop proper protocols to facilitate authentic insights from which new products and experiences can emerge. Research tools such as experiential diaries, interviews and observational techniques augmented by available technologies will help participants discuss personal matters and drive insights that will help frame this space in transition.

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