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New OTC Packaging: Floragen

By Group 4 on Monday September 10th, 2018


Stored behind-the-counter in the pharmacy refrigerator for peak potency and freshness,
Floragen is a OTC consumer healthcare product where Pharmacists play a
key role in driving awareness and purchase through professional recommendation.

Our task was to reformat Floragen’s packaging to stress the products’ freshness and
health benefits associated with the four formulations, each targeting specific
user groups’ needs.

Doing so in a clear, sure-footed fashion to gain the pharmacists’ trust and confidence
the second level task – generating appeal among consumers – was accomplished with a
well struck balance between a clinical and consumer feel. Floragen’s primary brand
color – pink –  remains evident but presented with clear and precise separation
from information key to pharmacists as they address their customers health questions.


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