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New Pharma Therapies – Will Packaging Keep Pace?

By Frank von Holzhausen on Tuesday August 4th, 2015


New pharmaceutical therapies generate enormous attention and hope among the healthcare community and patients.  Many of these therapies are in forms – pills, patches, inhalables – that often shifts drug administration to patients which calls for increased education and training by health care provider’s.

Drug costs can be staggering and therapies may be measured in weeks or months to achieve the desired outcomes. All told, challenges to adherence have increased pressuring all facets and players involved to develop strategies and solutions to maximize outcomes.

Drug packaging can provide targeted solutions but it needs to work harder, smarter and holistically. New technologies, materials and processes abound but these alone do not enhance adherence. Leveraging a research centered design approach focused on the patient experience will help guide the development and intelligent application of solutions for each new therapy.

Healthcare reform is not only changing the nature of our interactions with the healthcare system it’s also changing perspectives and responsibilities from a somewhat passive, “take-what-they-give-me” patient to a more active and involved partner in therapy. This trend shows no sign of abating as costs, roles and responsibilities continue to shift in search of a new balance between providers, patients, insurer’s and manufacturers.

Patient-centric packaging can play a major role by enhancing adherence to these new therapies – a win for all involved.

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