Mentholatum, a division of Japan’s Rohto Pharmaceutical, engaged Group 4 to extend HADA LABO Tokyo’s global branding strategy for its U.S. debut of the premium skincare line.

That decision brought with it challenges to maintain its authenticity while positioning the
brand to leverage its unique ingredients and essence.

In-home use tests and online forums were among the methodologies used to help position the brand for the U.S. consumer while maintaining a link to the brand’s rich heritage.

“Transforming consumer perceptions of the “Japanese secret to beautiful skin” into a simple beautiful packaging solution was the focus of this effort” said Frank von Holzhausen, President of Group 4. “A keen eye for what resonates with the American consumer propelled this project to an elegant result that channels HADA LABO’s global branding strategy and communicates its authentic heritage.”

HADA LABO Tokyo enjoyed a successful U.S. launch and won nationwide distribution in ULTA Beauty stores.