OMG’s growth trajectory has been steady if not spectacular since its founding in
the ‘80s.

In a search for new opportunities OMG Roofing Products acquired Hickman, an established
roof edging company that sold into new buyer segments through different sales models,
all within the fragmented roofing products category.

The question was how best to absorb this new acquisition into the OMG family. And to help
answer that question, OMG turned to Group 4’s Research team.

Stakeholder Interviews
Exploratory One-on-One Interviews
Quantitative Online Brand Equity Study
Strategy Session

Our research approach was to first step back and dive into the heart of the
matter – the relative strengths of each brand’s equities and attributes across
buying segments layered over sales potential.

In other words identify and ride the strongest horse to brand and position OMG’s
entry into a new category. Working from the research findings OMG decided upon
and developed the OMG EdgeSystems name and brand.