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See the Heat – Harness the Light

By Group 4 on Tuesday October 13th, 2015


The history of thermal imaging dates back to the late 1950’s and has evolved predominantly in military, public safety, industrial and sophisticated professional applications with availability, price and complexity well out of the reach of consumers, tradesmen, and untold numbers of others who had yet to understand the technology’s benefits and potential applications.

Seek Thermal’s 2014 launch of a smart phone based thermal imaging camera for under $300 – and supported by Group 4 in its commercialization (see story) – has broken all of these barriers.

Reveal, Seek’s latest development, brings the technology to a battery powered hand held imaging device paired with a LED spotlight in an intelligently designed thermal imager.

Group 4’s design and engineering optimized the device’s size, ease-of-use and durability for use in an even widening universe of indoor, outdoor and “behind the wall” applications – home security, maintenance and repair…the possibilities are still being explored.

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