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ACA – The Healthcare Consumer Awakening

By Frank von Holzhausen on Monday April 21st, 2014


Healthcare reform is not only changing the nature of our interactions with the healthcare system it’s also changing our overall perspective – from a somewhat passive, do what they say and take what they give me consumer to a more active and involved approach. The breadth and speed in which all this is occurring should compel marketers and manufacturers who provide products for retail (OTC) markets to engage in fresh research efforts to keep pace with changing consumer patterns and perceptions.

The Affordable Care Act’s 4+ year run-up to this point in time could be considered the prologue to its full functioning state. The likelihood of change on all levels remains high – we believe it would be advantageous to draw conclusions supporting business decisions from up to date, targeted data.

OTC Adult Consumer Attitudes & Behaviors Tracking Study

As part of our ongoing category and trends research platforms, I’m happy to announce that our OTC Attitudes & Behaviors Tracking Study is published and available for purchase. Please go to 2014 OTC Study  to download details.

Are there questions you would like answered or categories explored? Let us know, in fact let me know –   

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  1. Will have some new insights around the OTC consumer in just a few days…