Skip the Skype: Let In-Person Be Your Default Meeting Format

By Frank von Holzhausen on Friday June 16th, 2017


Cultural references can be tricky but a recent article around a long held belief of mine compels me to comment. Read more >

Hardware Show – Pre-Show Optimism Well-Placed?

By Frank von Holzhausen on Friday May 12th, 2017


Left for Las Vegas early this week with a degree of optimism that the pieces seemed to be in place to see a full and vibrant range of new products & innovations. Like many predictions the reality – as I perceived it – is a little more nuanced than a simple right or wrong. Read more >

The Hardware Show – Do You Feel What I do?

By Frank von Holzhausen on Thursday May 4th, 2017


I’ll be among the 20,000 or so descending upon Las Vegas next week
to see what’s new at the Hardware Show. Read more >

A Great Brand…In Good Hands

By Group 4 on Thursday January 12th, 2017



If there is any one company out there to keep/return/put (allowing for all points of view)
the Craftsman brand to its rightful position it would seem to be Stanley Black & Decker.

Read more >

The Internet of Tools

By Frank von Holzhausen on Thursday October 20th, 2016


sunbeam_internet_toasterThe widespread rush into internet-enabled devices provides proof positive that the future is now, at least as was imagined back in 1990 when a piece of toast was cooked to perfection by an internet enabled Sunbeam toaster.   Read more >

Observations from the 2016 CHPA Market Exchange

By Group 4 on Monday September 26th, 2016


New mtgdayphotonewsviewsproducts are the lifeblood of the CPG industry, but
nurturing the consumer relationship along the journey
is imperative to a products long-term success.

This was the very strong message at this year’s
Consumer Healthcare Products Association’s (CHPA)
Market Exchange. Read more >

Advantage: Certain Dri – A New Look for a Great Brand

By Group 4 on Friday August 19th, 2016


Certain Dri had gradually lost its perceived competitive advantage as the big’s (P&G, Unilever etc) quickly established their own “clinical” positioning. Read more >

Group 4 + Gyre9 = FORGE

By Group 4 on Thursday June 9th, 2016


Strengthening a very active 10 year+ working relationship, Group 4 and Gyre9 have launched FORGE, a Design & Engineering firm with manufacturing capabilities to help clients bring new products to market quicker with insights-driven, production-proven innovations. Read more >

Innovation in Space

By Frank von Holzhausen on Thursday October 16th, 2014


Modest or McMansion, trends in home design are increasingly focusing on space efficiency and multi-functionality with technology often underpinning advances in both. Read more >

Purdue Foundry and Group 4 collaboration to leverage research and design in innovation opportunities

By Michael Solomson on Tuesday October 7th, 2014


INDIANAPOLIS, WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. and AVON, Conn. – An agreement between the Purdue Foundry and Group 4, a national research, product development and design company, will provide another tool in furthering Purdue’s commercialization activities.

The goals of the collaboration include guiding companies to leverage data collected from user research to develop innovative products that meet the wants and needs of potential customers or targeted audiences. Read more >